Security and Privacy

Here at Docady, we're security-first. Everything is planned, made and monitored with security at heart.
We live and breathe security! Everything we do is made of the highest standards of security.
Your privacy is our top priority. Your data is yours and yours alone.
So sleep tight, all your data and information is SUPER secure and private.

Our Security Model



We are a well experienced, highly passionate security group.
We're veterans of the vast array of security disciplines such as Encryption, Networks Analysis, Low Level Research, Secure Development, etc.
We take security very seriously, and seriously enjoy doing security.


Architecture and Design

Everything we do is designed first and foremost to be secure.
We have incorporated ground-breaking designs and implemented secure architectures, services and solutions. This means Docady is a lean, mean, security machine.


Standards and Tools

We use top-grade standards and measures such as AES 256 Encryption, PBKDF2 functions, RSA 2048 Asymmetric Encryption.
We do regular penetration testing, extensive security reviews, specially crafted monitoring services, auditing, and other layers of security.

You Own Your Data

No mumbo jumbo here, our privacy policy is pretty clear:

Docady will use your personal information for the sole purpose of providing you the services offered within the App


Docady does not share or will ever share personal information with any third party for marketing purposes whatsoever